Sachi Wada   A Founder of ” Visit Japan with Kids”


Hello!! I’m Sachi the founder of “Visit Japan with Kids.   I am also a mother of two girls in Osaka.

I was born and raised in Wakayama Japan until I was 16 years old.  I decided to go out of the country because I had been so curious about the outside world since childhood.  So I went to the school and the college in England.  I’ve also lived in Orlando Florida after I graduated and traveled around the world.

My major in college was Business and Finance and I trained Karate competing in many major competitions all over the world in which I achieved World Champion titles.

1995 British Northern Karate Championship 1st place
1995-1997 US OPEN (Orlando, Fl) 1st place
1996 Holland Karate Tournament 1st place
1997 Battle of Atlanta 1st place

Karate High kick by Sachi Wada

I love traveling but I’m disappointed by the fact it is sooooo hard to get around with two small children!!  Travel plan needs to be much different from ones before.  I faced many unexpected events and accidents.  Stressed and sometimes wanted to scream!!!

But after all isn’t it sooooo wonderful and fulfilling to travel with Kids.

The reason why I decided to write this blog ‘ Visit Japan with Kids’ is simply that I want more kids to come to Japan and get to know more about our culture and like our country, become friends with us.  I believe children are the future.   If they experience and learn to respect each other’s culture and love each other,  we make a wonderful world.

We are a family and we make one world.

Are you ready for the journey?!

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